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Recommending movies: The Nanny Diaries/ The Vow

Hola hola!

Ésta es otra entrada de películas, y sí, la he escrito en inglés. Go ahead and read it and comment if you like these movies as much as I do.

Pero si no (y también si sí), os invito a ver antes mi entrada anterior sobre películas. La escribí hace tiempito pero esas pelis aún son de mis favoritas y me siguen encantando:

Películas para ver al despertar y antes de dormir

Ahora sí, ¡comenzamos!

*This may content spoilers

The nanny diaries

The nanny diaries is one of my favorite movies. I’ve only watched it two or three times because every time I do it I finish overwhelmed with a lot of feelings encountered: love, sadness, anger, contempt.

I’m not sure why I like it so much. Maybe it’s because of its very realistic showing of what I don’t want to be, how I don’t want to live, ‘cause all that high class nanny system just makes me sick. Maybe it’s because of Grayer’s face when Nanny is leaving (it just breaks my heart) or maybe it’s because of “Harvard hottie ‘cause come on girls, isn’t him just perfect? Nice, kind, cute, handsome, good looking, well educated, and rich! Why not? I mean, being rich it’s no necessary but who would get mad if it also comes with the package? ;)

I just wish it were easier to find boys like this out there. Then I remember I've never been to New York's East side or a place like that :Well, she met him after she graduated, I’m still in university, so there’s some hope for me \^.^/

And everytime I watch it (which, may I repeat, hasn't been many) I amaze of how stupid things people do in the high class, spending a lot of time in a spa, or shopping or doing something for beneficency for children, neglecting their own child, don't even paying 5 minutes a day with him or "working" and traveling all the time and also being a **** while your little boy, who's supposed to be your treasure, spends the day with a nanny. Please! Where's humanity? Is this evolution? Is this civilization?

Children are not objects you have in your house. They are the most precious gift ever.

I'm so glad Annie said those words at the end...

Annie the nanny XD

Also I like that it's a very realistic movie. It has love, comedy, drama, social critics... everything well mixed in a soft way.

Okay, okay, my favorite was Harvard hottie. And Grayer. And Harvard hottie. And Grayer. And Harvard... uuuuh!!!! OwO

Don't blame me.

Freedom, freedom... (8)


The vow

This movie... it brings out of me lots of feelings. I remember I watched it because my friends Lourdes and Nohelia recommended it some years ago as a good romantic movie. I got crazy when I saw Channing Tatum was there (can’t help it ♥), and that cute girl, I was wondering where have I seen her before but it was later that I recognized her: Rachel McAdams, same main actress for another of my favorite movies, The Notebook.

Well, the thing is that this movie is so cute! :3 I loved the way Leo fell in love with Paige, how he saw her and didn't let her go, all his little details, like those napkins when she had the flu, all them were simple but so lovely, and also the way she smiled onto him was tender. Their love was precious. I loved their wedding and their appartment (when he asked her to move in I also jumped on my chair and screamed out with excitement). The way they always supported each other. I loved it. That's why it went so hard of me when she losts her memory, when I saw him taking care of her and she been so cold... it hurt me too. I was so sad. Thanks God it had a happy ending.

Even so, I loved it. It was a great movie. Also, it is based on a real life story (wich makes me like it more, to know that beautiful love story wasn't just another lie, but it actually happened).  This movie is also one of those you make sure you don't watch too often because all those strong feelings may bring you down. I liked it even more when I watched it some weeks ago, for the second time. Don't know why, maybe because I'm older and have another perspective of love.

The aura of this movie is different. So cute, so light, but having a hard time at the same time. I loved it, definitely. I will give it a 9 of 10.

Y bueno, hasta aquí de películas. Have you seen any of these? Do you love them as much as I do? Tell me in a comment!

¡Los quiero! :*

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  1. Muy buenas pelis, la mayoria la vi! Me quedo siguiendote
    Buen fin de semana!

  2. Antes que nada un gusto en conocerte Pam! Llegué tarde pero segura jajaja Muchas gracias por pasar por mi rinconcito! Me encantó la estética de tu blog y la onda que le pones, obviamente yo también te sigo, pero no porque vos me seguís también, sino para que nos leamos y nos encontremos cuando menos lo esperemos n.n

    En cuanto a la entrada, no vi ninguna de las pelis! :O Algo que tendré que remediar a la brevedad! Por las dudas tuve que dejar una partecita sin leer (Thanks for the Spoiler alert xD)

    See u soon Pam! Have and amazing day n.n

  3. Pam! The Vow fue absolitamente genial!!!! :)
    Seguiré todas tus recomendaciones a partir de ahora jiji
    Un besito