domingo, 24 de noviembre de 2013

The Sushi Experience

Last Friday I went with my brother and my uncle Cronis to Blue Mall. Well, the truth is that we were hanging around and we decided to go. I’ve never been there before (yeah, I know, unbelievable right?).

We walked around the mall and I felt like I was in a high class world; everything was so luxurious, unique and expensive...

The thing is that we wanted to eat so… we went to the food area. I told my brother: “Papa John’s, Wendy’s, Expresso Jade… I think it is worthy to eat something we do not eat so frequently. Why don’t we try sushi?” He laughed and said: “Ok, let’s go!”.

So we went straight ahead to Sushi Republic. I said “Hello! We want to eat sushi but we do not know anything about it, what do you recommend us to try?” One of the guys gave us the menu and we ordered a Caribbean roll. It has rice, salmon, crayfish, cucumber and ripen plantains with soy and anguila oil. They asked if we wanted to eat with spoons set or Chinese sticks, we answered both, and with that and a Coca Cola in tray we went to the terrace, were our uncle was waiting for us.

The moment came when we were to taste the sushi. My uncle said he didn’t want of that. He said “ustedes inventan demasiado”. My brother did it first. He said “It tastes weird” making me frightened. Then it was my turn to try. I was a disaster with the Chinese sticks, I tried to maintain them in balance but my hands were trembling.

 I was impressed with my brother’s ability with the Chinese sticks. He said: “Oh my God I can’t believe I do it much better than you, and you’re the one that’s an otaku!”

Then I did it! I introduced the roll into my mouth and started to chew but… Oh my God, it tasted horrible!  At least to me. I couldn’t even swallow it, really! Dani said “Try it again without wet it on the soy oil (which was much like Chinese sauce), and I did but even so, I disliked it a lot.

My brother ate four rolls, I wasted two. In a last effort I unstitched a fry of one roll, trying to eat the ripen plantains at least, but they were too “infected” with the anguila oil so… I swallowed it but it tasted bad to me. No one wanted the left four rolls so… they went straight to the trash can. It hurt my wallet feelings.

I may not say for sure the sushi tastes bad but… you got to have a strong stomach.  It is much different of what we Occidentals use to eat. I’m amazed, I mean, what am I going to eat when I travel to Japan? I hope they have enough Occidental food or I’m going to die there. Well, maybe not, but really, I don’t want to try it in much time. I hope I like Korean food when I prove it, ‘cause if not that would be a real matter.

Even so my night was cool and funny you know?

Have you tried sushi or another Asian food?  Did you like it? What was your reaction? Tell me pleeeeeease! I’d love to know!

I love you, bye!


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