domingo, 4 de agosto de 2013

New haircut!

Yesterday I got a new haircut. Well it is not really new but it is on me. After eight months without cutting my hair including the last two months swimming at Olympic Pool twice a week and wetting it almost every day I think you can imagine how damaged my hair was.

It came to a point that I only used it curly, because if I dried it and styled I with a blower I had to use it tied up anyways. Yes, it had a lot of split ends.

I must say I love my hair. I love using it natural, and messy. It makes me feel free. It’s like I’m having fun with my curls.

What I do is take a shower in the morning and then put mousse and leave-in-conditioner in my hair. The leave in conditioner softens my curls and the mousse controls and holds them. Sometimes I use jelly instead. I don’t like letting it dry naturally because if I do, ten minutes later I’ll look like a lion.

I don’t mind having curly hair, I love it, is just that to use it curly I have to wash it or at least wet it too often. It is not recommendable to wash your hair everyday because if you do, you will lose all the oil in your hair and it will dry out. 

I have dry hair, my hair doesn't have that much oil (no oil in fact). I remember a day I woke up and saw my hair so damaged and dried it was I disaster. It had lost its shine. It looked like a tramp’s hair. That day I decided I couldn't keep going like this.

I went shopping and I got coconut oil and vaseline. It helped me a lot. Anyways I decide that when August comes I would cut my hair ends.

So I did! And now my hair is like this:

I never had my hair that short before, but being my first "radical cut" I think it didn't came out so bad. It's a little bit shorter back than in front. I like it!

What do you think?


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