lunes, 18 de enero de 2016

Speaking calmly

If you see my last entries, you'll think I'm miserable. But the truth is my life is not so bad, it's just I tend to come here and write every time I have a bad time.

Yesterday I understood that a big part of my problem is my attitude. Many times I've felt sad of seeing other people achieve the same dreams that I have, while I stay on the same place. But I've understood that even for them, success hasn't come right away, de la noche a la mañana. If you look at any successful person you admire, read their biography, you'll see they have walked a long path to get where they are now. They have passed through painful moments, had hard times, because unless you are from a royal family or have lots of money from your parents or grandparents or great-grandparents, you'll have to start from the bottom.  A lot of people will laugh of your dreams. Even your family, which is what had hurt me the most, but you need to believe in the beauty of your dreams, in your own potential, and work hard so that moment you dream a lot night and day, even with eyes open, can happen. You'll have to work a lot. You need to protect your dream and work for it. Soon you'll notice when they see you taking steps that they we'll start to believe in you, they'll see they can't stop you and will even offer you some "advice", ha! And even if they don't, keep going. It is normal to be afraid, we're only young people starting to live, after all. 

So I'm now trying to understand this and don't give up so easily. 

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PS: Some months ago I discovered a lifestyle blogger on YouTube. Her name is Mimi Ikonn. Through her videos I've learned lot about how to dress good, feel good and more important, how to be successful, make my dreams come true and be happy. She does everything in a professional way and she's sweet and lovely. I started to follow her on Instagram and immediately loved all her pictures. I recommend you to follow her, she's an example for me on how to live life. Also, her husband Alex is. I'll leave you with this video of her, it's one of my favorites.

Have a nice rest of the day! 

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