domingo, 26 de enero de 2014

"The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" - My reaction

My rating: 10. This time I agree both the book and the film are extremely good. I was anxious while reading and so while seeing the movie, very anxious and excited. I’m telling you they are terrific!

The reason why I think this is better than the first one is because everything is much more intense: the fear, the challenges, the threats, the people... There were some things in the first movie that weren't in the book but they spoke about it in the second so now I understand why. I’m going to be careful not to say anything you must not know. I’ll retain myself not to speak about anything you don’t see in the trailer.

It starts quietly with Katniss life and Panem after her and Peeta winning the games and that stuff but everything becomes thrilling when the Quarter Quell begins. This time the Games were furious because of the place and tributes themselves. What could you expect from an angry president and a game played by victors?

I’m confused. At the beginning I was in love with Gale, I still am but then Peeta is so sweet! Katniss is an idol: “The girl on fire”, “The mokingjay”… She has returned the hope to the people in the districts… and to me. She’s a fighter. If I were in the Games I would want to be like her. Even in real life.

I’m excited about the end because it cuts in the mid of the action, only making me want more, more! But I’m afraid I can not start reading Mockingjay right away because my vacations are over and I don’t have the time among all my classes and homework to distract myself reading. What a pity. I’m going to read it as soon as I’m free again.

I’ll say so long for now. Go read the book and watch the movie if you haven’t. I promise it worths all the worth in the world! Only and advice: read the book first.

Pam :)

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